Is Your Space Affecting Your Mood?

Buddha, feng shui

I read a post in Tiny Buddha last week (if you don’t subscribe to their daily emails, I suggest dropping everything and doing that now) about Feng Shui and how your space can affect your mood. This seems so obvious yet it is something we often overlook, or at least I know I do. How many times have you walked into a room and ignored that pile of laundry that needs to be folded, not because you’re lazy but because after sitting there for a day or so it has blended into your surroundings.

On Saturday night Zack and I were going to sit down to a quiet dinner and then start the process of moving my blog to a different platform, but for some reason I was antsy, uncomfortable, and unable to focus. Something felt off. I finally stopped for a second and looked around our house – the Christmas decorations were still up, laundry was sitting in our room waiting to be put away, and there was a pile of recycling by the door that had to go outside. Nothing major by any means, but it was making me stressed and cramping my creativity without me realizing it.

Feng shui

The only open floor space for our three pups to lay down

Taking a step back, in order to fit our Christmas tree nicely into the living room we rearranged the furniture so that our couch backed up to the door and cut our already small room in half. It felt crowded and messy. Once we took the tree down and opened the layout of the room, I felt like I could relax again. For a month Zack and I had hated the way the room was arranged, but hadn’t taken the effort to do something about it.

Feng shui

Finished product

Overall it took about an hour to clean the house. After we were done I felt like a new person – I hadn’t realized that all of these little thing were making such an impact on my mood. Between that and reading the Tiny Buddha article, I’m making a conscious effort to walk around the house and fix things as I notice them. Up next – creating a personal writing space!

Take a moment today to glance around your house to see what little (and big) things you can do to impact your mood and share what adjustments you’re going to make.



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  2. Erin Shaw Street

    I can totally relate to this. I still have remnants of Christmas — mostly in boxes sitting in my dining room — and it’s totally irking me. Last weekend I said, “This is the weekend it’s going all away.” I made progress, but there are still small things that need to just be wrapped up (literally) and put away. I get overwhelmed because there are so many little projects like this around the house and it definitely impacts my mood. This is a good reminder to tackle the projects — one hour at time.

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