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Welcome to Streamlined Birmingham!

On December 28, 2012 (that’s today!) I responded to a Tweet from @MezzoEnekes, aka Erika Emody. She wrote:

“Throwing away or donating all the things #purge #fengshui #makeroomforthenew”

I shared that I was doing the same. Truth is: after years of trying to “organize” and “declutter,” none of that really worked for me, a sentimental packrat. In recent weeks I’ve had some glaring examples of just how much space my clutter is taking up (an entire home office, also, stashes in three bedrooms and a garage … oh, a garage.) Buying new plastic tubs and making three piles isn’t cutting it. It’s time to get rid of the stuff.

I’m not the only one. Throughout the morning, the Twitter discussion grew. All of us are women who live in or near Birmingham. We have different goals but one purpose: to get rid of things that no longer serve us, to make room for the new.

So we’re launching Streamlined Birmingham as a way to document our individual progress and hopefully, encourage others to follow suit. I chose “streamlined” because I’m not ready to commit to a 100% Minimalist lifestyle (I still need those Tory Burch gold Reva flats, sorry). And it’s more than “organizing” or “decluttering.” It’s streamlining.